Sonpal Samaj UK is a non profit social organization.

Reasoning behind the name – people from three villages Daraun, Shirubari and Majhkateri Bejhang villages (in some cases known as Daraun-Shirubari) of Nepal predominantly residents of Gurkha veterans and their families. “Son” means three and “Pal” means local area (commonly understood as local authority) “Samaj” means community, hence the name Sonpal Samaj UK. Sonpal Samaj is also commonly known as Daraun-Shirubari whilst conversing


Objects of the Organization:

1. For the public benefit the relief of those in need in Nepal by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, or social or economic disadvantage in particular but not exclusively by coordinating and developing services such as, education and health services and such other services for those in need as the trustees may determine.


2. To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people in UK who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed in particular, members of the Nepalese community, to relieve the needs of such people and assist them to integrate into society, in particular by:


a) providing a local network group that encourages and enables members of the Nepalese community to participate more effectively with the wider community.


b) increasing, or co-ordinating, opportunities for members of the Nepalese community to engage with service providers, to enable those providers to adapt services to better meet the needs of that community.


3. To advance the education of the public in Nepalese language, heritage, culture and the arts, including through workshops and educational programmes.